Saturday, November 20, 2010

AS, Checked

First of all, I uninstalled my Adobe Photoshop CS5, so these are gonna be raw, uncropped pictures. Cause I usually crop some of my pictures so they look better, or that is what I wanna believe. :P

I miss it already :( MUST.INSTALL.BACK.SOON.

Exams finally finisheddddd! :D
I still have the whole mess in my room to deal with though. 
Feels super nice waking up and knowing I don't have to make myself study today. Seriously.

Some nerdy pictures :
I didn't know. I hope you didn't too XD
My very own organic chemistry mind map for A-Level. :D can be thrown away. :D :D

Edit : I noticed that when you search "Organic Chemistry mind map" under Google image, this is one of the first few images that you'd see. (If I had knew this would happen, I would have done it nicer. Oh well! :P ) Anyway, I did this as part of my personal revision for the Cambridge A-Level Exams (AS Level) and if there's any mistake at all in the mind map, I apologise. It helps me to study all the topics, process them, form a whole picture of everything in my head and then draw a mind map at last to make sure things make sense. I recommend that you double check with your textbook if you plan to use this as your material to revise. Though I'm quite confident I got the facts right, but hey, just to be on the safe side! Good luck :)

Past year... which I failed to complete even a quarter.
We went to eat and watch Harry Potter. Was okay. Hermoine is major hot. Like damn pretty. D:
Luna's voice has gotten less dreamy and enchanting? I don't know. I like her voice better when she first appeared in the series. Now her voice is still very nice, nicest actually, but did it change? Cause the first time I heard her, I was so in love with the voice, but yesterday... not so much. Or it could be just me. I plan to read the books. Uhm, I know. What kind of person hasn't read the great Harry Potter saga?-It's ME. :X
Lucky shirt from Cheryl, Nat and I. Hahaha.

Cann you see my eye bags and dark circles? Horrible, huh?  >:(
I don't need to apologise for the picture spam right? I mean, you must have gotten pretty used to it. Haha.
It's nice to take photos of Chia Hao because he's ALWAYS posing for you. Haha.

Now that AS is finally over (not gonna think of my results), I shall do all the things I planned to do after exams, including my annoying uni application. Ugh.

And... I still have to attend classes for another week. A whole week of just Maths and Further Maths. How sweet. -___-

But for now,

Oh yeah!

She's my youngest sister. If we're celebrating, I'll blog. :)